Bluescreen crashes in 1.19

I got crashes with a bluescreen two times in version 1.19. The PC had to restart each time. I didn´t experience these crashes in other games. One time it crashed in a battle and one time in the deployment menu. The game never crashed before on my PC. I wonder if that´s due to changes in the newest version or because I changed the mainboard of my PC. I hope I´ll be able to play the game without crashes in upcoming versions.

If you’re getting bluescreens, it usually means you either have a driver problem (usually hardware drivers, this can also mean things like antivirus filter drivers) or an actual hardware problem.

Given it’s happened right after you upgraded your motherboard… I’d be suggesting you check your chipset drivers are up to date.

The one thing I can assure you of with utmost confidence is… It’s not a GSB issue.

Thanks for the reply. I use Nforce drivers for the mainboard and haven´t changed the driver when I replaced the mainboard. Maybe I should look for better drivers.

do you happen to know what drivers are required for an asus a8n mainboard?

Try checking Asus’ homepage for support. Or their forums. :slight_smile:

Yes. You almost always need to update your drivers after changing a motherboard.

For your Asus A8N, I would first look here:

You will need to put in the details of your hardware and it should offer you some appropriate downloads. I think you will need to be a little more specific there than A8N, though, as there are some variations on that.

And as Mr Weedy says, their forums/support should be more useful in getting you the right answers, if you need more help.

Ok, I solved the problem by downloading a new driver from the ASUS-homepage. It was a driver problem. Thanks for the help.

No problem. I’m glad we could help you. :slight_smile: