"Blurry" Ships

I have created a new cruiser… but when I save it as a dds through Gimp it appears blurry/low quality… any advice?

This is the ship:

I don’t use gimp but i originally had the same problem with my ships
When you “save as” for a .dds file make sure you have the following options

  • Highest quality (with an alpha channel) - from memory, the one you want is: DTX5
  • Mip Maps, ensue that you are generating the mip maps when you save
  • Image size is 512 x 512. (you can go bigger, but the standard ships are this size, so why bother)

you know your on the right track when the file size is around 1.3MB-1.5MB

Odd… It’s only in the ship editor and outfitter that it is blurry… looks great ingame!

I am putting the finishing touches on the damage targets… will post it soon!

The reason is obvious, with some ships , the resolution of 512x512 is not enough to make the ship look good on the ship editor and outfiter. Make it with more resolution and problem solved. Remember that the resolution of the bitmap doesnt matter with the final size of the ship.

P.D.: U dont need to save with mipmap option activated to obtain the best quality on the bitmaps. If u dont have mipmaps on the sprites (almost in the 99% of the cases) is useless to save the sprite with the mipmap option activated.

Well that was a strange problem, everything was as it should have been:

  • Highest quality (with an alpha channel)
  • Mip Maps
  • Image size is 512 x 512

So i re-saved the image and it removed the problem.
My suggestion is to reinstall your plugin or find a different one if the problem persists . .