BMT Micro V1.35 Linux: Sound/Graphics/Keyboard issues


Yesterday I bought the GSB2 from BMT Micro and installed it on my rather current Gentoo Linux amd64 Desktop (KDE based). My system is a Clevo based Sandy Bridge Laptop (by Schenker) with NVIDIA Geforce Graphics (using official NVIDIA drivers) and Optimus, using KMS (not Bumblebee).

Basically it runs great, no crashes so far, and I see a good amount of improvements from GSB1, but I have a few issues. I did not find information if I should create a separate thread for each issue or create only one thread, so I am doing this in this single thread.

  1. In the game itself I am receiving very little sound, especially from explosions and weapon impact. They are coming really rarely. I am used to the sounds of GSB1 and it is definitely not comparable :smiley: Cruiser destroyed audio is played consistently. I can hear music too. But ship explosion sounds come only at 50% chance, EXPLOSIVE impacts (into hull) for example only at 10% chance. What am I doing wrong? Switching off music does not change anything.
  2. Sometimes ships are “half transparent”. It happens only zoomed in, and more often with larger ships. Moving the view half a screen to the left/right/up/down makes the ship opaque again. Zooming out also makes the ship opaque again. I have only seen it with enemy ships so far, don’t know if that matters.
  3. A few common keys are not working. Page down does nothing (but Page up zooms out as expected), +/- does nothing (should change game speed).
  4. Don’t know yet if this is really an issue. In KDE you can have a mode (initially enabled) where you push your mouse in the top left corner of the screen and you get an overview of all open windows. Fullscreen mode of GSB2 does not disable this. I also don’t know if I think this is probably good and not even an issue. Just wanted to let you know and maybe get your attention on that detail.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to solve this or even how to know the issues?

Thanks in advance!

More graphic glitches…

  1. Holographic projectors project an image, but when I scroll around, the images move in the opposite direction, and/or hide behind “invisible rectangles”. But the enemy seems to see those projections at the places where they should be, as they are targetting them…
  2. The EMC weapons cause a cool lightning effect on the ship’s hulls. Unfortunately, those effects are a displayed on a (transparent) rectangle of the ship’s size, it does not seem to end at the ship’s borders. This happens with own and enemy ships.
  1. While a ship is showing this lightning effect from EMC shock, fire animations on ships and hulks are being distorted. Once the lightning effect is done, the fire image is normal again.