Boosting GDP/Decreasing Uncompetitive Economy?

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I’ve been trying to run Germany, the USA, and just now the UK and I’m seeing a similar pattern with all the countries: while education and health are going up, I can’t seem to boost the GDP and decrease unemployment. I also can’t help but to piss off the capitalists because if I don’t tax enough, I rack up an even bigger deficit which only has a negative effect on my credit rating + GDP overall. Anyone have any tips on how to neutralise this problem without becoming a total capitalist wh*re?

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For me what seems to work (playing Canada) is to work on boosting productivity, technology and energy efficiency (more health and education help too, but you said you already have that covered). Specific policies that help with things like this are things like science funding, technology grants, child care provision, adult education subsidies, etc.

Also try to keep any potential drags on your GDP in check if possible (esp. relative to your other goals) e.g. lower crime, lower traffic congestion, keep your environmental policies that reduce GDP balanced, etc.

For unemployment, getting your GDP up will definitely make a dent. Also keep in mind when changing programs that a lot of them directly reduce unemployment (because they either directly or indirectly create jobs), so for example cutting military spending may save you a lot of money but you’ve also added to your unemployment problem in the process (and reduced tax revenues!). The other big factor I find is immigration, you should try to nudge it lower until your unemployment problem gets more manageable.

Hope that helps. GDP and employment are definitely harder issues to deal with than health and education problems, especially with the global economy seeming to go into market meltdowns so frequently.

I found investment in technology, education (including higher education, tech colleges, adult education - the standard education budget becomes a black hole for money), and things like tech grants for business work well to grow GDP. Also I replaced the agricultural grants which hit your health stats with rural business tax breaks.

(Played as UK - it still took me more than 4 terms to bring the UK into decent enough growth that I lost the uncompetitive workforce malus).

On top of my head, things that help with productivy:

Technology - ie. Eduction, Science Funding, Technology Grants will all feed into Technology which itself helps Productivity.
Robotics Research Grants - These directly increase productivy and also benefit Technology, which as said improves Productivy as well. So you get a dual benefit.
Health, Alcohol Usage - Both have a direct effect on Productivy. Try to have high health and - obviously - low alcohol usage.
Sunday Shopping Ban - Bad for the GDP. Repeal or at least lower.
Corporation Tax - Lowers GDP, and feeds into the “Uncompetive Economy” situation. Usefull to lower it for at least a while to solve the issue.
Traffic Congestion - Bad for GDP. Try to invest in public transport.
Airline Tax - Bad for GPD.

That should get you started. :wink: I am sure others here can come up with even more influencing factors.

Be careful with the Robotics grants mind - they do generate unemployment.

Technology College and Adult Education are great for Technology Backwater too, and thus great for Uncompetitive Economy.

It is right to believe in education and science LOL.