Border Controls and Immigration Policy

Border Controls says it reduces illegal immigration, but doesn’t seem to have any direct effect on crime, it does reduce tourism and immigration, which I can imagine is supposed to be reflecting a reduction in illegal immigration, smuggling, etc, but the tourism and immigration values don’t seem to affect crime either.

So Border Controls comes across as system of security measures but functions more like a lever for reducing immigration and tourism, I don’t know if biometric checks and armed guards at airports hurt tourism all that much in reality.

Would it be better to have border security and immigration policy separated? So you can set whether your country has open borders, visas, a points-based system, etc, determining how difficult it is to enter the country legally, and border security measures determining how difficult it is to enter (and exit?) the country illegally.

It’s probably a hard one to balance and definitely a thorny issue, but worth it, especially as the foreign policy segment currently has less going on than the others.

I think it’s racial tension that gives rise to crime, as a sort of standin for how well people are integrated in society. If you are really nice to immigrants it’s kinda not actually that likely that they behave worse than your average person who’s already in the country.

But yeah, seems to me you’re right about tighter border controls not necessarily affecting immigration all too much unless that’s a goal of it. Arguably some would be deterred because it’s a hassle, and you’d certainly catch more who wish to immigrate without having a right to, but, like, seriously? Up to 78.26% less immigration? That seems a bit much…

I think the bigger contribution to crime than racial tension is what occurs as a result of illegal immigrants trying to earn a living without being registered in the country, making them more likely to be illegally exploited as undocumented workers or falling into gangs.

“Slaves working in UK construction and car washes, report finds” - Guardian, 2018