Bottom Line - How to win with Master (10 million revenue)?


after 3 failed attempts to win the first Beginners level Bottom Line as Master (10 million revenue), could you provide some guidance how to achieve this? I tried this with Big Pharma 1.07.xx and upgraded to 1.08.12 (and without Marketing & Malpractice) and the main issue persists: The available floor area for purchase looks smaller than in the Let’s Plays I found (except one from a German player, all others have large floors and are sometimes wasting space). Example of floor area offered:

I go for level 2 and level 3 cures and when Autoclave and Cryogenic Condenser become necessary, there is seldom space for 2 of them to keep production at 1 unit/day.

Let’s Play of a person on the way to Master (but looks like they have more floor space to use)

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