Bought Best Buy Copy - Can't Patch...

I bought a copy of the game at Best Buy not knowing that there was a difference and well, now there is no way to patch it. Does anyone have any suggestions, options, ideas??? I love the game but would like to keep it as current as I can. Oh, and no, I can’t return it - they won’t take the opened case back for anything but an exchange on the same game.

Thank you!!

hi, the retail version is already patched, you don’t need to patch the game.

Even though it says 1.0 for the version?

yes, the retail publishers just like the version to always be 1.0. its annoying.

I played the game once and now when I try to play it the graphics are all messed up. I can see everything on the bottom… tried uninstalling and reinstall but taht didn’t help. Any thoughts?

something must have changed or been installed on your PC. the game will either work, or not work, but if you have played it ok once, then your graphics card and PC must be compatible. it must be some other program, or driver update that has interfered.

Literally, I finished the game and tried to play it again with nothing changed but couldn’t.

and it wont play after a reboot? have you tried getting the latest drivers for your video card?

Sure did.

I’m having the same problem with the best buy version, couldn’t play through it even once though. Wouldn’t play on 1st install,version 1.0, tried patching with 1.02, 1.11 and 1.22, none of the patches worked. Any help would be appreciated.Been trying to figure this out for hours, and yes, my vid card drivers are updated, only a month old

You can’t patch the retail version, it is completely different. They always insist on resetting the numbering, which is a pain. But the bottom line is that if a game runs, it will run forever, and if it doesn’t run, it just won’t. The game doesn’t change anything when it plays, the code is the same, so unless something gets corrupted or changed on your PC, you can’t ‘break’ a working copy of it.
When you say it wouldn’t play, is there an error?

There’s no error message, it’s just that when I try to run the game, the graphics get all screwed up when I start a new game. Part of the top of the sceen gets chopped off and I don’t get any interface icons along the bottom, making the game unplayable. I used to play the demo before I bought the retail version at best buy, and the demo version ran fine on my pc. You keep insisting that there’s no way to patch the retail version, which is 1.0, but even the demo I downloaded was ver 1.2 I believe. Since I can run the demo version that I downloaded from your own site, I think it should have been a safe assumption that the retail version would run properly, I hope you’re not telling me that I just lost $20 on a game that you refuse to support, especially since at least 2 other people have reported having a similar problem with the best buy version

I’m not refusing to support it.
If you run the demo now, alongside it on the same PC, does the demo work ok?

Also noticed something odd, the demo shows up in the add/remove programs list in the control panel on windows xp, but the best buy retail version does not.

Oops please disregard last post about control panel add/remove list

Would it help if I post some screen shots?

With both versions installed on the same machine, the demo still runs properly, while the bestbuy retail still does not.

Ok, I’m emailing the people in this thread now to fix it.

If you look further back in this thread, you’ll find that when Cliff sends the updated, fully patched version to the retail sites, they label that game version 1.0. This is NOT the same as refusing to make your game patchable – it was patched before you bought it. Cliff isn’t responsible for the renumbering that the retailers do – it makes a lot of extra work for him and just confuses the customers, but the retailers insist that the thing they sell be labeled 1.0, even when that’s misleading or just plain wrong. Is that any clearer?