Bought Game - where is direct download?

I just bought the game using PayPal. I received the confirmation from PayPal in my email… but where the heck is my link or whatever to download the game?
HELP! I want to play!

They’re using a system called bmt micro to handle orders. This system seems to be very weird about anonymous email providers (Hotmail, Gmail et al) and requires orders from them to be reviewed before they send you the links. Give it time, it took me about 12 hours to get my links through. Maddening I know but I assume it was the best option for them here.

thank you…
at least now I know something didn’t screw up. I guess I am used to Steam and the like, with instant access as soon as you pay.

Well most places do that, which is why it confuses me that BMT Micro handles it this way. Just seems a bit paranoid really. Doesn’t seem to be a new policy, happened last time I used them back in 2011 but I got the game in 40 minutes that time, I must’ve ordered at a bad time now

I will never purchase another item that uses BMT Micro.
It has been almost 8 hours, and I still don’t have a download link (for Big Pharma).
This is ridiculous.
Paying by PayPal should be sufficient, and is suppose to simplify paying for things online, and be more secure.
It is turning in to be the exact opposite.

Have you actually checked your spam inbox lately?

I have bought plenty of games through Micro over the years with ZERO issues so far - “Paying by Paypal” doesn’t mean anything in of itself. They still have to double check the payment source to make sure it’s legitimate.

Like I said, mine turned up after 12 hours and not in the spam box. I have to assume he’ll get similar. As for double checking the payment source I don’t know of any other service that manually does that.

I’m not sure I’d call it an issue per se, just a very strange and annoying choice of policy. If I buy through steam, the humble store etc I’d get the key instantly, regardless of whether I used paypal or direct, why the checks here?

I don’t think this is necessarily the case. I used a Gmail address to order the game and I got the download link literally in under a minute.

Agreed, I paid with amazon and used my gmail account. Instant link.

Well that sucks, wanted a game to fill my sunday afternoon but I think I’ll just wait till it’s on steam.

Well, I can only speak from personal experience, they do review orders though, from their email :

“If you placed your order using an anonymous email account such as your order will be reviewed
by a customer service representative prior to being completed.”

It could be that I just ordered at a bad time in that case I guess?

I used my private email domain and got the download links and steam key on the thank you page as well as in an email.

Such a stupid way of doing things. I can’t see how this can possibly help fight fraud or anything like that.

It’s impossible to maintain a comprehensive list of free email providers - there’s far too many and new ones crop up all the time (and that’s ignoring the disposable email providers who regularly rotate the domains they use, and ones like Mailinator that allow you to add your own domain).

It’s additionally pointless because there’s a large number of free domain name suppliers who I can get a “private email domain” from at the click of a button.

It’s terrible customer service - especially if you’re paying via a wallet service such as Paypal / Amazon / Google Wallet that additionally provides its own authentication (frequently multiple-factor).

Definitely still buy it, fantastic game. Just uh… order it before you go to bed or something, that way you won’t have to wait.

Never had a problem buying it with my mail on my own domain.

Security vs. useability is always a problem.

Bought it last night, got the email straight away =)

I bought it using a gmail account and my bank card. Near instant delivery of the email and links. I even bought a second copy right away for my wife. Again, instant delivery. I also want to say that they seem like a pretty good company, as the next day one of their staff emailed me, asking me if the second copy was intentional. I assume it was to make sure I hadn’t accidentally bought a second copy. Its some pretty good customer service imo.