Bought on CD

I played the demo, enjoyed it so I bought the full game as I fully support indie game developers. I saw that I could buy a copy on CD. As I like owning CD versions as, generally, there is some extra content, or at least a nicely designed case. For £6.50 I thought I’d get at the very least bonus content. I was very disappointed to find that the CD was little more than a Writeable CD with the installer (which can be downloaded and written to my own blank CD or put onto a usb drive, and it’s corrupted to top it off, but that’s a separate issue) with a plain white sticker on the front in a paper CD case.

While I understand that most of the £6.50 was on the p&p, I still can’t help in feeling cheated slightly.

Don’t get me wrong, I still very much like the game and certainly didn’t mind paying for the full version, but I expect more if I am to buy a CD version.

Welcome to the future. I payed extra for a CD version of Parallels (a $70-$80 product) and that’s what I was sent. An obviously CDR disk with a label sticker stuck on it rather than a proper long-term silk-screened logo’d made for storage CD .

The days when there were plenty of CD burning shops that would print professional quality CDs for a reasonable fee are fast disappearing with software companies both large and small only offering the CD version because people expect it and not because they have a value-add proposition. GSB is offered as a DRM-free installer so perhaps the solution is for the web-site to explain that DRM-free means you can burn your own CD with no worries about if it will work. Heck, burn 2 and store one off-site.

The CD option is only really there for people who are buying a gift, and want it on a CD without the hassle of burning one etc, especially if they do not know how to do it. I used to not have that option on the form, but I occasionally get people who want it on CD and aren’t familiar with how easy it is to burn to a disk. It’s certainly not something I’d encourage people to get unless that applies to them. There isn’t any profit from it at my end, its all swallowed up by the burning / CD / packaging / mailing of it.

Thank you for your responce, that is fair enough, though I wish I knew that before I bought it on CD as well. Ah well. No offence intended, as I said, the game is very good and well worth the money, just not the CD. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll bare it in mind for when I get the expansion pack.