Bowling Team Notifications?

My character was just told that he had missed a bowling league match, and that he had just been kicked off the team. There was no notification the previous day about a match…my character was taking a Basic Science course that night. Do class notifications override those of a bowing match, or did I find a new bug? If you would like, I can attach the save game so you can check it out.

Save game would be great, best to email it to
You should get both reminders. maybe there’s a glitch if you have 3 evening classes + bowling match on the same night?

Done. The subject is “Save Game For Bowling Team Error” Hope it helps!

This game also shows the problem with the interface that was mentioned on one of the other threads…if you have too many friends of friends, you can’t click on some of them.

On a similar subject (and didn’t want to make a new thread).

The bowling matches aren’t showing up in my calendar in advance which makes it mean that I don’t know when I have to ensure I have enough cash to attend.

I saved the game just before I had a bowling match. I won the match, kept playing for almost a week then the game crashed. When I reloaded my old saved game I had no option to go bowling that night and when I clicked on the next day I got thrown off the team for missing a match. I definitely didn’t miss any matches though.

[Edited to add] Just reloaded an older game than the first one. One where I saved on a night I definitely didn’t have a bowling match but was still on the bowling team. I definitely didn’t miss any games then but when I clicked on the next day I was told I’d been kicked from the team.

This was a bug I’ve now reproduced and fixed, and will be included in the 1.03 release when that happens.

Great! Thanks for the fix. Not quite so annoying but I just had a bowling match 4 days in a row. They seem to be happening a lot more frequently than before. Was that just random bad luck?

No, that should be totally impossible! do you have a save game that lets you replicate that, as it is definitely a bug. If you do, can you email me it at

I loaded up the saved game from before I encountered the four bowling matches in a row (it was over a weekend Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday if I remember) and I played for a few months but was unable to recreate the bug as such since the matches seem to come up randomly. Whilst trying to replicate the bug I did have three matches in a row (Saturday/Sunday/Monday) but when I reloaded the saved game from the week before I never got any matches those days. I’ve just had another run of matches on Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Thursday in a row (yeah I know it skipped Tuesday but that’s still a really short interval between).

Reloading my saved games isn’t letting me replicate the bug but it’s definitely happening. Do you still want one of my saved games?

Oh! Actually now it seems fixed. (Well better than it was). Whilst I was experiencing those bowling matches in a row they weren’t showing up on my calendar (though I downloaded the patch yesterday and the bug happened just after that). I didn’t do anything different to the game. I played on for about six months though after my saved game and then they started showing up and since they did there’s no longer as many consequetive matches. I did get another case of two in a row (this time midweek) and another of three in a week but it didn’t seem to be quite so prevalent.

I’ll investigate, they should always be at least a week apart.

Aha I think I see what is going on. I’m guessing its only happening for saved games started before the patch. If you start a new game and join the bowling team, I bet you can’t duplicate it. If you can, please let me know (either here or by email).
Once you have too many matches (due to a combination of saved games and older version bugs), you will never get out of it, because at each match, the game reschedules the next one…

Aha! Yes you’re right. It’s just saved games before the patch. The ones after the patch are fine.