Break out of process steps.. Manufacturing Engineer point of view..


Would it be possible to make a generic assembly station that would be able to be serial attached to other stations.

For example. each step in the assembly = a certain amount of process steps are taken to complete it.
I would like to see a generic station that you would be able to add steps to and the car would then just move to the next to have more parts attached. this to reduce time on each station.


Tact time increase and reduction based on operators on the station. if there were a dropdown list of how many operators the station would have (example standard staff would be 2 and that would equal to 2 minute assembly time, adding 2 operators would reduce takt time by X amount, lets make it easy 30 sec for each so one minute, but in return double the cost, if you have to much output you would then half the staff and half the output for half of the price)

There should be a better prodution planning where you would be able to limit the output of cars / hour, if i set a mix of 5 cars % 20 each but at a maximum of 34 cars / hour this would give me the possibilit to set the efficiency easier and reduce the cost for producing a car.

Right now i limit my output by putting in a bottleneck to make sure the output would not be to big compared to demand.