Breakdown of UK budget

Hey, this is a decent breakdown of the UK public spending…

I like the £627M spent on street lights. For some reason there has been some quite irritated people(or at least I’ve met some) who are annoyed that they want to turn off street lights from 1am-5am?! Probably because there is very little else which could be annoying voters at the moment.
I’m also slightly worried that the law courts get a wopping £7B which is well over prisions(£4B). I know you can’t put a price on justice, but surely several hours of court time cannot cost more than several years in prision. The union of lawyers must be particularlly strong?

I’m also very unbiased in dissaproving that pre-primary education gets 1/3 as much as universities. Those toddlers are the backbone of our economy.
PS Chemistry in particular should get all the money. Please?