Breaking Universal Tanks

I’ve been running into real trouble facing fleets with 73+ armor tanks shielding long range missile spam. With enough tweaking I can get my ships to mostly avoid the tanks and pull out a narrow win, but they always waste a lot of firepower on the tanks. Also I have to change the behavior very carefully for each challenge so it isn’t a universal solution. Has anyone found a good way to deal with these bricks? Is this something that will likely be patched in the future? (I can stomach armor that only breaks to certain weapons, or only to high alpha strike, but to be immune to all game weapons seems a bit much)

Well those tanks cannot be destroyed with medium or small fleets without get kickass from the support fleet behind the tank, but there are many ways, big long range fleets with some short ranged as support, another tank etc etc etc…
Praetorian Industries Mod have some anti-Shielded/Armored tank weapons like the Darths (shortranged), the Arbalest, the Ballista (longranged) and others not created for now.
The only problem, the modded fleets will not appear in the campaing as enemies…

Plasma + Beam Laser.

If you want to be really cheap you can do it with Tribe.

If you use the retaliate command

Then they will immediately fire back at the missle ships… and then as soon as that cracks one of then vulture will take over

Just use an armour tank fleet with missile spam and fast fighters… works everytime.

I never actually use the vulture order, except MAYBE on 1-2 ships. I’ve found (and ramcat can attest!) that my fleets tend to be VERY well coordinated on fire. And when i run an armor tank, it’s actually dealing damage to enemy ships.

As for missile’s v armor tanks; i suspect that MWM’s would do better then my standard fast missiles, simply because against an armor tank it’s the number of lucky shots per interval you can get, now how much damage each one does. it’s why my FT swarm is only slowed, not stopped, by a tank.

One answer is Rate of Fire. Fast Cruisers and Frigates armed with Laser Cannon and Ion Cannon respectivly will chop a tank to bits quickly by virtue of the number of shots. And because they drive round like Mr Magoo on acid they tend to shoot the missile boats on a regular basis as well.