Bring Back the ISSB?

The current ISSB is a liability with huge price tag, and cannot survive a single rally of missile fighters.

I think Empire need their ISSB back from 1.44, where multiple ISSB can target the same ship at a time, perhaps with a reduced recharge rate from the previous version. Now that stacking is removed, reducing ISSB’s range can also limit the amount of ISSB focus at a time. Alternatively making them a cruiser module might make them usable.

Anyway I think something needs to be done to it. It’s such a cool module with the potential of making empire competitive, but is now just sitting there as another useless module.

I’d like to see this buffed somehow, too. Currently, it’s underpowered. Not sure I agree with being able to stack the beams again, since you can still get a good density of frigates with tight formations.

+1 for improving the issb in some way. I think the metric should be that two ships with X points of shields and X points of SSB each should be just slightly better than two identical ships with 2X shields each. Reward cooperation and the extra planning it requires. But just not to an absurd amount… I guess that’s the tricky part. :slight_smile:


I would personally hate to see this shift from frigates to cruisers. Cruisers are already overpowered. Frigates need all the special perks they can get. Just my humble opinion.

While we are on the topic, I should complain about EMP devices interfering with the receiving ship’s ability to be reinforced by the ssb. In all other ways, the EMP beams and missiles cause a temporary barrier to the target ships OFFENSIVE capabilities. Allowing the EMP weapons to kill a ships DEFENSIVE capabilities is too powerful.

Now if you want to say that the EMP prevents the SSB from being fired at another ship, that would be more supportable. I would still hate it, though. :slight_smile:

The reason why it’s so bad is precisely because it’s on frigates. Seeing as how frigate gets vaporized in less than a second, one beam at a time will literally mean getting 1 beam worth of support before it gets killed. Stacking the beam is the only way to prevent the 1000+ overhead cost from getting killed by 1 rocket rally or beam laser.

Alternatively the cost can be significantly reduced so they can afford to get killed.

The recharge rate on them is still surprisingly high (in comparison to shields), although you wouldn’t notice it with all the other nerfs in the way.

And I can’t be certain, but their response time seems to be really poor now. Maybe it’s a factor of having less of them, or maybe it’s whatever checks to be sure beams don’t overlap on the same target.

One thing is for sure, the operational cost is too excessive to justify its use.

…and I’m still not sure why “target the beam provider” wasn’t enough of a balance on the ISSB in the first place (maybe along with a few tweaks to its exact power, perhaps).