Broken manifesto promise

This part of the game could use some tweaking.

The first and most important point I need to bring up is that the opinion penalty hit too late. I missed my manifesto pledge to raise equality (by a rounding error), but the hit to socialist opinion didn’t not apply until the turn after the election.

The second point I would bring up is that how upset people are by a missed promise should scale with how much it was missed by. In this case I had a target of 96%, made 96%, but it didn’t count. I assume there are some undeclared tenths of a percent in there that aren’t shown. At this point, given that I had been playing for socialists in other ways, it is reasonable to assume that my opponents would be running more of a capitalist party, and that the average socialist voter would forgive the missed rounding error and support their socialist party. Comparatively, if I promise to raise equality, then actually lower it, that should hit harder.

Third and final point is that promises disappear once missed. Continued failure on this point should continue to haunt me for the rest of my political career. Likewise, hitting the target, but late, should accelerate the rate that the relevant voter group forgives me. “better late than never”.

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