brough from bigfish

Hey i just brought kudos from big fish games, and i cant seem to download any of the patches, it downloads them and then it says error in downloading or something like that and just cancels, and i can not play without these patches as the game keeps crashing :frowning:

I read through the fourms and looked for a solution but i haven’t found one… so please help me :frowning:

Thanks all :slight_smile:

The patches for it only work for the version sold through the Positech site, the original version if you will. Have you tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it then seeing if it runs? Is there any error message that is displayed when it crashes?

Yes i reinstalled as soon as i relised the problem… nothing’s changed, there is no error message just the bottom of my monitor goes realy funny and i cannot carry on playing… :frowning: Dont know whats wrong i searched google for answers and theres nothing…