BSC - Black screen after startup (but music on) [SOLVED]

Os: Ubuntu 13.04 x86_64

I installed the game and it worked fine several times before a computer freeze.
I made a hard reboot. Since then, when I run the game it appears only a black screen while the music is on (so it seems a graphic problem).
I tried to reinstall the game and the ATI dirvers without success.
I read other topics searching for a configuration file or folder but I found that only for Windows.

Could someone help me?
Thank you

Well, I tried renaming the directory ~/.positech in ~/.positech_
Launching the game it all works (the ~/.positech directory with all subdirectories is recreated).
Trying to restore previous data (copying deployment and ships subfolfers content from the old directories to the news) I found that one ship file was of lenght zero.
Copying this file in the new ~/positech/GSB/ships caused the problem again.
I remember that when the comuter freezed, I was designing a new ship.

Hoping this could help someone.