BSG model

Hey, I see people here who can do cool things with 3D models of spaceships.

I’m not sure if anyone has a use for it, but I once made a 3D model for POVray, of my Revell plastic&glue model of the BattleStar Galactica. I don’t even have a clue if that would be convertible to 3Dmax or lightwave because I can’t afford those programs.

Here’s a picture of a render (done back in the day when 700 Mhz was fast - it’s old):

And here are the files if anyone has a use for them:

Nice model. You don’t need 3ds or lightwave or anything fancy to do ships for the game. As long as you can render them flat from above, with fairly neutral, centered lighting (as the game doesnt cast shadows), then you are good to go with regards to adding a new ship.

I don’t really have time to figure out how to do that right now, so I thought to put it out here in case someone else likes it.

check he mods sescion, I think someone has aleady

I thought this was the mods section?

Yes thats right, what he wanted to say was “Check all threads in the mod section. Someone has already posted a top down render of this ship.”