BSOD when sped up

I have a feeling this is a fault with my PC as opposed to the game, however as a result of this problem I’ve pretty much not played the beta at all.

Whenever I turn the speed up to 4x (haven’t really tested any slower), the game slowly starts to lag and I suddenly get a BSOD with the error BAD_POOL_CALLER.

I’m running this on a 3Ghz or so Pentium 4, 3GB RAM and an Nvidia 7600GT, on Windows XP 32bit SP2.

I’ve run a search and not found any similar problems, so I’m guessing this is something wrong with my PC somewhere (it is getting quite old now), but any help would be appreciated.

Disable pitch shifting sounds in options.

Ask again when it still BSODs.

Just played through an entire battle at 4x speed, I’m confident in saying that’s fixed the probelm. Thanks for the help.