buff frigate weapon hit points

All frigate weapons have 10 hit points. This means that nearly any hit on an unarmored frigate has a high chance of taking out a weapon. Even, or rather, especially tribe has problems with this, because tribe can’t resort to armor like the others can. 20 hit-point weapons are still getting one-shotted. Cruiser weapons have just over 100 hp, now that can take a few hits. Even fighter weapons have 6 hit points on their weapons. I’d say give frigates closer to 50 hit points on their weapons.

Tribe has the best frigate spam in the game, because they don’t get slaughtered by rocket fighters/pulse lasers nearly as badly as every other frigate spam. Frigate is all about quantity, which inevitable makes them useless for campaign.

Actually I’m steamrolling the campaign with little else than a few nomadic frigates designs, armed with disruptor bombs and various flavors of fast firing or armor eating weapons. I lose barely any, except of course to fighter spam (but then I quickly dispose of the few cap ships in such fleets and capture the whole fighter fleet.

Anyway, frigates don’t need a buff to hit points, either you make them fast and they never or barely get hit, either you make them a little bit armed and armored and they should destroy the ennemy quickly (unless you’re doing it wrong).

Not really, in my exprience they are useful if you use long-ranged and/or support configurations, i mean Frigates with fighter bays, with emp missiles, with flak weaponry, pd weaponry and shield support are very useful ingame, they can be fragile, but they use some unique modules.

With a EMP and a PD weapon and a Flak in each frigate, forget about ANY problem, obviously, alone they cant face many enemies, but with many frigates armed like i say and some heavily armed cruisers, your fleet will be (almost) unstopable.

Another good aplication for them are kamikaze/rushing/dummy tactics, useful if you want to break some aparently powerful enemy formations.

I think 20 hp on frigate weapons might be enough. Because then tribe will have 40 hp weapons. A bit more hp on all frigates wouldn’t imbalance anything I think. having 10 hp on frigate weapons seem like it was overlooked all this time. Probably because frigate tend to die as soon as they take damage, so nobody noticed.

Frigates is about speed and range tactics mostly of the time.

Im really loving the nomad frigates, i make all of them faster and light armed with long range weapons, with just 4 i can take down 1 cruiser and they suvirve a lot of time :smiley:

Yes, I am alive.

Hey, that sounds like a great challenge!!! Post your 4 frigates (and put the challenge number here) and tell everybody to try and beat them with 1 cruiser. You should get some interesting post-backs (especially if you ask for them)!!

I’d love to try the four frigates out.

You guys are going way off-topic.

The problem is that tribe have a repair module on their frigates. But it’s almost useless because everyone tells you not to get it because frigates are all about speed. If however, you do get it, you’ll find them useful. Apart from the fact that their weapons get destroyed well before their hull does. This is because frigate weapons only have 10 hp, for tribe that’s 20 hp I believe. But that’s not enough. A lot of weapons will destroy a 20 hp frigate weapon module in one hit. Once it’s destroyed, it can’t be repaired by the repair module.

Cruiser weapon modules have 100 hp and fighter weapon modules have 6 hp. It’s strange that frigates only have 4 hp more than fighters and 90 hp less than cruiser weapons.

So buff all frigate weapon modules to 20 hp, which will give tribe frigate weapons 40 hp. So a tribe frigate weapon system won’t get destroyed in one hit every time.

Getting the tribe repair module to worth it’s credits, even for cruisers, is like beating a dead horse.

Raising the HP of frigate weapon to 20 is not going to make tribe frigate repair a variable option. Even for tribe frigate a shield 1 offers more protection credit to credit than repair does. Thing is, the two major weakness for any frigate spam is dual rocket fighters + painter and cruiser pulse laser. The repair does nothing to resolve this. It simply weights a frigate down making it vulnerable against other weapon types.

So boosting frigate weapon HP will not change the frigate spam setups, but will make it more powerful. Not that there’s anything wrong with that per say.