[Bug 1.0.4] Crash Saving Deployment On Challenges

I’ve got a feeling this may have been brought up already but I couldn’t find it on the first page, so:

I’ve only unlocked the first 4 or so missions, which means I have no deployments saved for the rest. When I load the Arc Wielder challenge (which I assume was created from a mission I’ve not yet unlocked?) I get a crash to desktop every time I try and save my deployment. The following error gets written to errors.txt:

Assertion failure:filename:…\src\GUI_DeploymentControlPanel.cpp,linenum:136,build:Beta 1.04

I’ve reproduced this on two different machines, one XP and one Win 7. Challenges based off the first mission (where I have a bunch of saved deployments and it loads the default deployment) let me save new deployments. If I don’t try and save a deployment on the Arc Wielder challenge, I can play it happily.

This was a bit of a showstopper last night when exchanging challenges with a friend. He was sending me challenges with huge ship and pilot requirements, created off missions I’ve not encountered yet, and if I want to play them more than once I have to reassemble my deployment from scratch each time, which takes aaaaaages. Still occurs in 1.0.6.

I’ve just hit this bug several times in version 1.12. I’m going to try to test some more to find out what might be triggering it in my deployments. It has only happened so far when I play against a challenge, not when doing single player missions.

errors.txt says:
25/9/2009 - 22::45 - Assertion failure:filename:…\src\GUI_DeploymentControlPanel.cpp,linenum:146,build:Beta 1.12