[Bug 1.07] Still crashing on Escort Command Issue

Just installed 1.07 to see if the escort command problem I was experiencing had been fixed, but it now stalls a little, the music clips and loops, then the game crashes. I suspect it might have something to do with my computer, as I haven’t seen anyone else experience this issue. Any ideas? The game runs fine, otherwise.

I have not run into that problem, but I have run into other issues when giving the escort command. The game doesn’t accept it all of the time. I can set the ships to escort, but when I choose the target it’s like I never clicked on the ship. All of the lines point to the ship that I chose to be escorted, but the ship name doesn’t show up in the Escort window, and I have to cancel out of giving the order.

I’m still trying to get a definitive “I can reproduce this all the time” scenario, but I haven’t been able to do that yet.

Yeah, it seems to happen every time I try to assign units to escort. I should try and download the beta again and see if that fixes anything.