[bug] 1.10 -> 1.12


patching fails, silently…
ie Run Game -> black window and spinner -> exit to desktop. no warnings, no errors. nothing
this happens as a normal user, and also when ‘run as administrator’ is selected.

user directory MyGames/GratuitousSpaceBattles is all owned by user, and full control to user/administrator

c:\games\Gratuitous Space Battles\debug.txt reports:

Downloading application update
IERROR: Failed writing local web copy [5]
Creating new patch process
Patch process creation failed


full download worked, though on first starting, it gives some very strange error boxes. i’m afraid i failed to write them down - as they only seem to turn up once… but they’re essentially blank with ‘yes/no’ options. after gsb terminates uncleanly, a restart ‘just works’ and now those errors won’t reappear.


If on startup you ever get this blank error message on startup, this is a very hard-to-reproduce bug that happens if you launch the game, and then immediately it loses ‘focus’ before it draws it’s first window. This can happen if you click any other window, and sometimes other programs can grab ‘focus’.


ahh. that’s why i get it so often.

anything that takes more than about a second to startup… i get bored and switch back to chrome to continue reading something.