[bug 1.10] heavy plasma launcher info on deployment screen

During the deployment(?) screen, when I click on the heavy plasma launcher of a ship to see its info one of the items (Weight, I think) is overlapping with Max Range.

beta 1.10
screen res: 1900x1200

All of those bits need a conditional scrollbar, if possible. (Okay, so perhaps they don’t -need- it, but… please consider this a request for one.)

I know it’ll probably be quite a bit of effort, but it would be nice to be able to write a long description and have it not overwrite the stats, or have a lot of stats listed. Not urgent, I suppose.

The easier solution would simply to make the Dialog/Pop-up window larger thus removing the need for new control(s) and messing around to get it all to fit nicely.

Dang. I better fix that…