[BUG 1.11] Target selection of escort command

When you choose to add an escort command and pick set target if you click anywhere besides a ship it makes the whole thing stop working. You cannot select a target anymore and the only button that does anything is the delete order button. When you click on it the whole program crashes. This is on Vista 32. I haven’t tried other commands yet cause I got sick of it crashing but it doesn’t it every time for me in the escort command if I accidentally miss the ship when I click.

Already mentioned in http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=3104. Cliffski says it should be fixed for the next patch.

Sorry, tried to search :frowning:

edit: it’s even on the first page… that’s what I get for not sleeping since I bought this game lol!

No worries, I’m just cross-linking the information. I’m a developer by trade and spend a lot of time making defect tickets on a system similar to this and we often end up with duplicates because it’s hard to search for things. You usually just mark one of them as a duplicate of the other. The presence of duplicates is actually meaningful too; it gives a measure of how visible a defect is.