[Bug 1.126] - Parsing of Exponents doesn't respect parentheses

The way that the game parses exponents is incorrect. They incorrectly include the previous term of the equation even through parentheses.

Equations like: 0+(0.5x^2) are processed as if they were: 0+(0.5x)^2
Same with addition: 0+(0.5+x^2) is processed as if it was: 0+(0.5+x)^2
Parentheses: 0+(0.5+(x^2)) is processed as if it was: 0+(0.5+x)^2

Take this example policy:


The first 5 terms should all be equal to 0.5 when x = 1 as shown in this graph:

But this is not the case in the game: (look at Patriot though The Environment)

The next 5 show that the same is true for addition as well. They should all be equal to 1.1 when x=1:

But that is still not the case: (look at Conservatives though Business Confidence)

This issue also causes innocent lines like:

to crash the game as it incorrectly causes a root of a negative number.
(As seen in my previous post:[Bug 1.126] - Game crash when multiplying an exponent with a negative number )

Also incidentally adding both before AND after the exponent also causes a crash:


I’m guessing this is an unrelated separate issue.

All is not lost however! For the time being mod makers can use this workaround:

Instead of writing: 0+(0.5x^4)
Just calculate and use the appropriate root of the constant that you want: 0+(0.840896415254

This will create an identical curve to the one you originally wanted:

And the final 2 entries show that this works in game: (Enviornmentalist and Corruption)

But please don’t let this temporary workaround stop you from fixing the bug cliffski :smile:


These are good suggestions! Have they been implemented?

We do not support parenthesis outside of our specific format and never have. This is definitely not a bug, its just not the way the game currently works. We may change that in future, once the game has shipped, as its super-low priority.

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