[Bug 1.128] - Tutorial crashes with error message

I have just installed and started Democracy 4, have started the tutorial 3 times. It crashes at about the third prompt, after describing white-policies and blue-information, it highlights orange but then pops up an error message as shown. This error always comes back immediately. I can however play without tutorial without issue.

I have installed on D:/ drive, through Steam, so the game files would be located at D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Library D\steamapps\common\Democracy 4 rather than the path shown here.


I’m getting this too.

I’m able to alt-tab back to the game, but it is unresponsive. If I click OK, the box disappears. If I then refocus the game by alt-tabbing back into it, the message reappears. So far, I’ve not been able to work around it.

Yikes, I will look into this and get it fixed!

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I’m having the exact same problem, it gives the error during the tutorial but I can play normally with no issue.