[BUG 1.24] Graphic bug at 2560x 1600 Resolution

2560x1440. A true 16x9 monitor. Interesting. What make and model?

Curiously yours…

Hi Cliff,

This is with a 2560 monitor (30" Samsung Syncmaster 305t). I do not think it is zoom related because if I zoom all the way out or zoom all the way in, it does the same thing.

Here is a Video of this effect in action… A picture is worth a thousand words right :slight_smile:



This bug is not vaguely related to the code I thought it was. This should be more fruitful now… Thanks.

With any luck it will be really fixed in 1.25 :smiley:

I am glad to be of help :slight_smile: and thanks for your effort :slight_smile:

Great news, Cliff you fixed it in 1.26

Thanks :slight_smile:

woohoo, I’m pleased :smiley: