[Bug 1.44] Cars get "Next slot requirement not met" after game crashes


I was playing Scenario mode of the Small Factory mission and the game crashed after 3 hours.

When I restarted the game, 1 car stopped after getting out of Fit Rear Arch and 1 car got “Next slot requirement not met!” at Fit Vent. I tried to removed the 2 stations and surrounding conveyors but those 2 cars didn’t disappear as expected. So I restart the game again but this time, 1 more car got “Next slot requirement not met: Fit Steering Column!” and I still couldn’t delete them.

Before the game crashed, I did the Aircon and Polished paintwork research, I placed Aircon station and a stockpile nearby and Polished paintwork station and then the game went not responding.

I have attached savedgame file and a screenshot. The error file is empty.

Hope you look through this bug and fix it asap.

Keep up the great work because what you guys have done so far is outstanding!

Just a quick update. After build 1.45, I managed to delete the car near Fit Steering Column by remove the surrounding conveyor and the car in Fit Vent got moving again after a lil’ bit travelling backwards (still don’t know why). But for now, the game is working like a charm.
SavedgameMission 1.zip (227 KB)