[Bug 1.44] Resource importer blocking vision

I noticed that when the resource importer starts to back up and has lots of different items waiting to be put on the line it blocks the sight of the factory. This makes it imposible to see whats going on behind it.
This also happens for the other pop ups(no resources, no connection, etc.) except their size prevents them from becoming a problem.

I’v attached a screenshot of the problem. If you need more information ill be glad to give it.

Wow thats a severe backlog! I guess a button to just toggle the GUI off is the easiest solution? semi-transparency of the importer dialog could get very messy looking

Yeah first factory, it gets worse when you zoom out cause it doesn’t scale down. Eventually it will cover the whole factory.

I noticed this also happens with the new “not connected to stockpile” message.

Maybe turn them to a single symbol like it does with the other warning messages (the little warning triangles) after a certain zoom level?

This would give you a good overview of the factory when zoomed out and the details when zoomed in.

A suggestion from my side is to un-check the "Always Show Importer GUI’ under the ‘Options’ menu. This does help.

Thanks that solved it for me this was sort of what i was looking for.

A button to toggle it on/off functioning like, for example the lowering of the walls in the old stronghold games would be a nice addition but not essential.

I am glad to have helped