[Bug 1.47] Annoying siren type sound


Annoying siren type sound.


Ignore the original issue about not finding paint station. That was the conveyor belt that was messed up as its not very clear at all about conveyor orientation.


I did not hear anything but the factory drone. The steady hum of machinery moving that you hear in a factory.


I agree with @nubarz. An interim suggestion is to lower the ‘Sound Effects Volume’ in the ‘Game Options’ menu.

That said, I am sure that design changes including sound, graphics etc will come with time once Cliffski has finalised all the tweaking and re-balancing :slight_smile:


Na i’m testing this in game,and watch video.
Eversing totally fine.
Especially for you before writing this post, I checked again.
I think its solved.Cheer.