[ Bug 1.502] - Unable to load game : error cpp1638 - Solved

Hi Cliffski,

It’s a great and very good game. Thanks for your work.

Everything was working properly until the moment I put a smart junction (left and right).
The game crashed, and now it’s impossible to reload my game, even with the autosave.


Where can I find a correction ?
Can we doing manually a correction to the .xml file (in the backup directory to delete the last smart junction or something like this), or must we wait an update ?

Edit : Hi all, i solved my issue, yesterday late in afternoon, by edit the savegame and delete all smart junctions.
I have could reloaded my game, but i must did recreated the smart junctions.

Just for information, I don’t know if it’s normal but I found data after the end tag (-1) in slots sections to smart junctions tasks.
The other slots end up by -1.

Sorry for my bad language.
Thanks for your replies.