[Bug 1.59] Conveyor direction

Not sure, if its bug or a feature, but one would think, if conveyor cross section has that roundabout, cars can take left or right turns (if conveyor direction allows it of course) but if conveyor only has cross section, then vehicle should continue in the straight line.

In 1.59, my car take left or right turns even if there is only cross section…
Notice the orange compact at the center of screenshot, it takes left turn altough he is sitting on a cross section without roundabout.


And after it takes left turn:


It would be useful to have a process flow similar to the way blueprints option works so you can visually see (and a whole lot easier given the small detail to see that a process is not right), given that you have shed loads of yellow and black markers all over the place, it becomes a very easy thing to mess up when you have so many paths (not least the sometimes obscure preference the game seems to have for going over existing paths instead of the unpathed parts, 90 degree lefts being something the game always seems to want rather than 90 degree rights) particularly when forming any kind of loop.

Suggestion? Having a Passover option could be useful to avoid situations where production lines cross one another, if it’s raised it flies over what’s underneath avoiding inevitable congestion scenarios to keep things moving, whether the ramp parts would be one or more conveyer ramps would come down to what would work from an angle/game perspective.

I guess the confusion here comes purely from the visual design. It looks like the artist made T junctions have a turntable but crossroads got a different design. The real indicator of what directions a car can move in is the arrows on the ‘floor’.

Tnx for reply.

Would it be hard to implement functionality that comes from this confusion? As you can see on the pictures, I would like that car to go straight. If I wanted it to turn left, I would drag conveyor belt on those crossroads to the left and create that little roundabout…


I did play the game for a few hours now and i enjoy it, thx for the good work :slight_smile:
However, i think i got the same problem here, finished cars are going to left instead ( to painting again ) instead of straight to the export, you can have a look a the below screenshot :




I’m not sure what junction you are referring to there? Thats a visual inspection slot on the left there, not a paint one.