[Bug 1.65] "Apply new vehicle option" Popup Has Incorrect Car Colours When Deselected

The “Apply new vehicle option” popup seems to have all vehicles as a less glossy black colour until they are selected. After being selected they change to their appropriate colour. This makes finding vehicles by colour in the popup more difficult.

Hmmm. I will investigate

Ha, it took me a while to really understands this bug, but this is actually deliberate, as a way to make it really clear which models are selected. I take it that you dislike the grey-scale (black and white) effect?

Ah, that makes sense. I was thinking that might be the case at first, but in other parts of the UI you use the car colours to help distinguish them (which is incredibly useful). I don’t necessarily dislike the effect, but I think in this context specifically it would be ideal to be able to rely on the colours of the vehicles (which you may use to very quickly distinguish your electric sedan from your mid-range from your budget sedan for example). This becomes particularly noticeable when researching a bunch of technologies in a row and having to apply them to specific models.

Alternatively, if possible, you could make the images of the vehicles more transparent, but still their associated colour? If that isn’t feasible, I think having the cars in their associated colours than the grey-scale effect.

This has been changed for the next build (1.67) which is coming soon, and live now on steam in the unstable beta.

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