[Bug 1.65] White/Red Leather Seats decrease costs

  • When I edit a car design and switch it from Basic Seats to White Leather Seats, the production cost goes down, rather than up. I’m guessing this probably happens with Red Leather Seats as well.

hmmm, that sounds wrong, I shall investigate…

Ha. Tracked iot down. its a display-only bug, thas the only number on screen that is calculated wrong, but it will be fixed in the next patch. Thanks for reporting stuff like this, its so hard to spot and relatively easy to fix if someone points it out.

Nice. :slight_smile:
I’ll keep an eye out when I add/remove features.

It looks like the Panoramic Sunroof is doing the same thing.

It is the same with Nappa Leather Seats.

Electric Powertrain is cheaper than internal combustion engine.

Panoramic Sunroof is cheaper than Sunroof.

It’s not related, but some improvements have no cost, since no resources are needed at build time:

  • Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Polished Paintwork

Yup its all the same bug so should be fixed in the next patch. basically when you selected an expensive feature that requires a new component (like panroamic sunroof), it always includes a ‘negative’ on items like normal sunroof, so you were getting the value of a normal sunroof deduicted from the component cost! This was just in that calculkation, nowhere else.
Its especially bad for seats because they assumed a negative on all other seat types. Might have been the case with wheels too.