[Bug 1.72] CTD when vehicle enters shipping

Dear devs,

First of all, just started playing the game, loving it so far. However, now I am a bit further into the small map (sandbox) and created a separate section for paperwork and shipping, the game unfortunately crashed to the desktop whenever the very first vehicle enters the shipping tile.
I have included a screenshot of where the shipping tile is placed:

I also think to know what causes the crash.
I noticed, while in the map editor, that I am not able to place any import of export slots when the wall of the blue building zone is at the edge of the entire map.
This particular export slot is directly at the edge of the map which in my opinion causes the crash.

I also included the save game where this happens in the following zip file:

Be aware, the vehicle is already on its way to this section, so directly pausing it is advisable.

So yeah, I hope this will be fixed so I can finish this map :).