Bug 1.75 Access violation error

First off, loving the game, very interesting take on a strategy game.

I do have this bug though:
When toggling Blueprint Mode on and off using the shortcut ‘B’ the game crash with “ProductionLine.exe has stopped working”.
If i load the same save, or start a new factory, hitting B twice crashes the game. If i load, then use Blueprint Mode from the construction menu, things seems to be back to normal for a while

Checking Event Viewer, I can see ProductionLine.exe crash with a “Exception code: 0xc0000005”. Googeling that code points to a access violation error

Attached files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/esfhd18ewhx9gyk/send.zip?dl=0 (I wasnt allowed to upload to the forum)
-Debug files from “my games” (they dont seem to capture this crash)
-Autosave.xml savegame-file
-eventviewer.txt with corresponding crash
-screenshot.png with a image of the crash

Keep up the good work! Br