[Bug 1.761] Map Editor Shenanigans

So, I tried something insane, a max sized map, 200x200. Here’s what trouble I ran into…

  • If you drag a box from bottom right upward, you create a “negative zone” area that has no tiles, but still shows up in the game as a building to lease.
  • The first building you draw should be automatically unlocked. It’s possible to start the game with all locked buildings and no way to progress, not knowing there’s an option buried in the sidebar that lets you set the building unlocked or locked.
  • I accidentally set the rent to 200, not realizing it’s per tile. The game doesn’t even try to collect that rent. Which is $8 million an hour in case you’re curious.
  • Right-click to delete? Terrible idea. Needs confirmation or a separate tool. I accidentally deleted the giant zone way too many times after getting the import/export slots and offices 90 percent done.
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yeah it needs a lot of work.
I’ve tried using it and if I spent the time on it I know I could get it to work eventually but I just can’t be bothered due to some of the issues you had and probablly some other ease of use things that I don’t recall