[Bug 1.81] Random? crash to desktop

I get a seemingly random crash to desktop, that occurs every time I try to play my current save game. No errors are logged, and the game instantly closes itself.

Reloading the game will lead to another error in ~5 minutes. I’ve been unable to find a specific action that causes the crash. Sometimes it crashes again in 30 seconds, but usually it takes a couple of minutes.

Logs and save game;

I’m having these seemingly random crashes too. I’ve had a ctd now and then since I bought the game, a few days ago, but now I can’t even load my latest savegame, after having several ctd’s in a row. This is with 1.81 on Steam.

I attach my last savegame and autosave, along with the error.txt.


P.S.: It happens in an apparently random fashion, I couldn’t say I’ve seen a pattern on when it happens or what I’m doing when it happens.