[Bug 1.81] Vehicles not displaying properly (exactly like Dev Blog #113)

I got the same graphical bug that seemed to happen in Dev Blog #113 where the car is “split apart” while travelling down the conveyors and through stations, as though the various sprites are not in the correct place.

It happened when i switched the look of the “compact” car that was already on the production line to the new look that was part of the latest DLC. the glitch happened to both body types that were on the line (compact & sedan)

also, when i checked the showroom, it seemed that the old compact body was sitting on the new compact chassis as the wheels were tucked underneath.

The bug disappeared once the game was reloaded and all my cars both on the production line and in the showroom now have the correct body variant.

screenshot of the showroom available, however as it’s my first post i can only post one image.

Hi buddy, is it due to exceeding the maxing limit?

Seder Smith

Hi everyone, any update on this?

Thank, you