[Bug]112% of hits received

Unfortunately I wasn’t watching this ship closely enough to be able to give any guesses about what was shooting at it, but it seems to have been hit 114% of the time, and its shields absorbed these hits 112% of the time…
Edit: this is in 1.03.

Incidentally, as the screenshot shows, I’m running under Linux using Wine. I’ve had the odd instance of my mouseclicks mysteriously ceasing to do anything during battle planning, but otherwise everything’s working perfectly.

this anything to do with repair modules?

I have several ships that hit with >100% of their shots. They use multiple warhead missiles. It shoots one missile, but four warheads can impact you. Net result is that it’s theoretically possible to get a 400% of your shots to hit something. My high is 199%.

Ahahaha. Excellent. Thanks for saving me the grief of working out how the *** that could happen. I’ll get around to fixing it at some point…

Glad to help. I’ve found that multiple Multiple Warhead Missile launchers on a ship with a missile painter is a rather nasty combination. I recently had one ship that got 234% of its shots hit something. Next plateau: 250% :slight_smile: