[BUG] AI 2 cure drug display

AI combined 2 cures in one drug and I can’t see what it is making for the 2nd cure.

AI “Jenny” just released a $770 drug, but the 2nd cure is cut off. It shows “Combats Liver Disease, Combat….”
What Jenny, Combats what? Damn you harlot, tell me!!

Perhaps the “Active Effects” could be scrollable, to see long combos of cures/effects?

Jenny was already making a “Combats ADHD” so maybe that’s the 2nd? but how do I know?
I could go to Psychological tree - ADHD Cure and see if competitor “Expedite ADHD-Mate Extra” shows on # supplied,
but I’m not producing it, so I can’t see it.

I looked in the .sav file - it is ADHD, but in-game I don’t know how a player determines that.

	"id": "adhdblursvisionheadachesliverdisease16CREAMjenny",
	"player": "jenny",
	"name": "Expedite ADHD-Mate Extra",
	"effectIds": ["adhd",
	"concentration": 16,
	"type": 512,
	"revenue": 3850,
	"cost": 1350,
	"lastCost": 270,
	"nSales": 5,

Why can’t the “hover over” on Active Effects on Company Tab for players be implemented to AIs as well?
We can already see the “Base Value” for a cure on the Cures tab. The only other thing it shows (AFAIK)
is active concentration. Is there a reason we shouldn’t see that for an AI supplied Drug?

This is weird, I was sure that I gave that box a hover to show the entire list of active effects, even when truncated, just like the product name box. Not sure if I just imagined it or I broke it at some point, either way I will make sure it works in the next update.

I don’t want to show the player the exact make-up because I think it takes away a bit of the fun. However, I quite like the idea that you can see once you get industrial espionage.