[BUG] AI benefits from player research

Hi, Here is a little bug that I find frustrating.

Bug Description

When we upgrade the pillmaker to increase the combined value of pills, the AI benefit directly of the same increase.

Bug Reproduction

  1. Have an AI competitor sell a pill
  2. Get some Research Points
  3. Pause the game and check the AI pills value/profit.
  4. Upgrade the Pill Maker.
  5. Check the AI pills value/profit again


  • The vakue/profit of the AI pills has increased


  • The AI pill’s value should remain the same
  • Only the player’s pill value should increase

Hey there, thanks for letting me know about this.

You’re absolutely right, I’m very sorry. I will get it fixed in an update right away. The update will be up on Steam shortly but will take a few days to appear on Humble, GoG and via direct download.

I will post back when it is live. :slight_smile:


No need to be sorry, bugs are a normal thing.
In fact I just saw the new patch on steam and I have to say you sure respond very quickly. It’s amazing to have such a great support :slight_smile: