Bug? Album makes my band go AWOL

Hi, great game

seems like every time I make an album all my band members just stop showing up to anything. I have to fire them all and hire new.
And I have made sure they are supermotivated before I go in the studio. :question:

it could be you are really upsetting them when you mix the album. If some people are mixed much lower than others, it will really annoy them, although balancing the mix for them may not make a good album…

I have made sure of that, but every bandmember goes AWOL every time I make an album

There is no direct connection in code, so I’m guessing it’s a co-incidence. the only link is if the band don’t like the mix, and generally they are ok with it.

hmm, ok, but that is strange :confused:

After every album, all band members stop showing up for interviews, gigs etc.

Guess I just have to hire a new band after every album :unamused: