[Bug] ALT key during game.

During a battle press the ALT key. The game will pause. This may be due to the game opening the standard windows ‘Move, size, close’ menu in the background. Is this intended game behaviour?

Ok, I just found a thread on the same issue.

It’s been years since I’ve done any C++. But if I recall correctly, Windows event handlers work as default unless a handler for that specific event is written into the application. There should be events for ALT, ALT+F4, CTRL+Space, pressing windows key etc. If so, each can have an event handler written for them that does nothing, negating the key combination for your application. Might be worth checking information on the Windows API for the event names.

This bug is still present in V1.12.

Run the game.
Press ALT once.
Use the up and down arrow keys to witness the appearance of the windows menu.
Mouse pointer is frozen during this time.