Bug - Autoclave not upgrading.


Pretty sure I’m doing this right, but I can’t seem to get this drug to upgrade as it should.


That screenshot shows my Iretin Concentration, at strength 8, ready to upgrade in the autoclave to an Appetite Suppressant.

But when I put it in the autoclave…


It just halves the concentration and says it can’t upgrade.

If I’m being dumb and missing something then sorry. :stuck_out_tongue: But I’ve stared at this for a while and I can’t figure out what’s wrong. No catalyst is listed. The only pre-req is strength 8, which is what I’ve done. :S

(Great game btw, love it)


It shows that you upgraded from Alleviate Stomach Ulcers to Appetite Suppressant.

After the Autoclave it is not in the required range for Appetite Suppressant to be activated yet (looks like probably need increase to b/w 11 and 16?) - in the 2nd image.
The “Cannot Upgrade” is referring to Appetite Suppressant - that is the highest cure in the Digestion Line.




So it’s halfing the concentration and upgrading. I see. The cannot upgrade thing was confusing me.
Thanks for the help, disregard thread. :slight_smile: