[Bug/Balance] Disruptor Bombs Vs. Multiple Shields

I’m not sure if this is ‘design as intended’ or a bug, so, let me throw it out there.

When you use disruptor bombs against a ship with multiple shields - in my tests I’ve been using six - the disruptor bombs make almost no impact before the shield stability recharges. However, against a ship with one, the disruptor bombs take the shields down for a short period quite readily.

Surely the idea behind disruptor bombs is to have them to crack big scary shield monsters? Shouldn’t they do about the same amount of damage to shield stability even if there are multiple shields?

My tests cannot reproduce this, they seem to be working regardless of the number of shields. Are you sure?

My test results, using Cruiser Shield Generator 2 on a rabbit cruiser, being attacked by three frigates with one disruptor launcher each, at 4.0 time:

1 module = 2 seconds

2 modules = 9 seconds

3 modules = 19 seconds to bring shields down.

4 modules = possibly indefinite.

It might be working as intended? My test setup is a challenge to myself, so I can’t easily change the opposing force, and I’m having the frigates attack me so I can watch the stability level rise and fall.

I think I see what you are getting at. It isn’t set up the way that would make most sense, I’ll redo it. Its currently working on a recovery rate skewed by the total shield strength, which is wrong.

I’d like to note that a follow-up test with 12 disruptor launchers against 12 shields took 3 seconds.

… I might actually be smoking crack worrying about this - it’s just that in trying to figure out the Shield Disruptor I found some slightly strange results I didn’t understand! But, thank you very much for looking into it.

It was definitely wrong, and its being recalculated in a new way in the next patch, thanks for spotting it.

Alright. Glad to help! :3