[Bug] - Battle of NGC 2770


Found a weird bug on this map …

Was trying an all frigate strat with different load outs. Anyway … basically there are a couple enemy frigates (sometimes just one) and when its one that one is always the same. (forgot the name) that seems to become immune to targeting. Ive tried all sorts of different order setups but what happens is … I tell my ships to not attack fighters. My ships kill all the frigates and cruisers EXCEPT … this one guy that just runs around and slowly kills all my frigates while they switch there focus to the fighters. It seems they think no frigates are left.

Current working theory is that the class of this one ship is not specified or lost (Its like my frigates don’t see it at all). Sometime a very badly damage frigate will also do this. Its like the game thinks its dead but its not. It then runs around and helps the other kill my stuff :(.

Playing federation on my side. I’m thinking this prolly has nothing to do with it but who knows :).



P.S. I’ve been able to reproduce this consistently (about 5 times so far).