[Bug] Belt loops break pathing.

With the addition of crossroads, situations come up where it would be nice to have a belt that splits into two belts (each with process time 2) and then recombines again. The problem is that currently, this completely breaks belt pathing. If there’s a loop, it just totally stops pushing and pulling. Here’s a video demo of what happens when you create a loop:


Sorry about the random trance in the background, I like to play games with my own music and forgot to turn it off for recording. XD

Anyways, the point is that when you introduce a loop, the pathing immediately freaks out because it’s now non-deterministic. It’s not smart enough to realize which direction I want the belts to go in (1:2 splitter and then 2:1 combiner).

The reason why you would want to use loops like this is if you want to cross two process time 1 belts:

Now, in this particular case I could fix it because I’m using pill printers:


(This time the random trance actually started at the intro. kek)

But there are cases where it would not be possible to fix (say, if you were using creamers). And even in the case with pill printers, removing the loops takes a lot of extra space. The loops were already big in this case to make it more visually clear, but theoretically is should work in this much more compact configuration (or something like it at least):