Bug - Beta 1.06 - Autorepair is instant

Just updated to 1.06, not sure if this is a known issue but the auto repair module repairs all damage instantly about once a second. This makes it very hard to kill my ships but also very hard to kill the enemy ships. I think this is the issue. Was 5 of my ships vs 1 of his, and his shields go down but he never takes any damage. Same with my ships, I can see damage happening for a moment (in the module list in lower right) then it’s repaired instantly, on everything.

Except there’s a decently low limit on how much repair each module gives and if you’re taking a ton of damage you’ll drain it pretty quickly so the battle should have been over pretty fast. Also important were you doing damage as explosions or little red impacts? Because if he was holding out indefinitely after his shields came down that sounds more like invincible armor rather then autorepair.

I can confirm this bug. It seems to only work on repairing armor modules. I sent a single cruiser with one nano-repair and one power armor against a fleet. When it was a relatively low amount of incoming damage a split second after the armor was damaged it was repaired. But, once the incoming fire got really high the armor was penetrated before it could be repaired, and the repair module still had over half it’s juice left. Then as things got damaged they where repaired at what looked like a normal rate. (in this case the ship was vaporized in about 4 seconds after the armor was breached)

Yeah, winning Gravity Well with this bug is pretty much impossible. I was pounding “Brutus” with about 5 missiles per second, but never got past the armor even after about 20 minutes.

Damn. I can see how this would happen too. I will fix it for the next patch. This is because repair modules used to work quite badly, based on percentages when clearly they should be scaled to the size of the module they repair, but of course armor modules have no hitpoints…

Will it be fixed before the tournament that’s being organised?

Cliffski, would it be possible to get out a quick patch to places armour hit points to be the same as the damage absorbed?
Sort of makes sense as you’d imagine ultra heavy armour would take longer to weld than thin plate armour.
We can always balance it later.

It’s a pain, but I don’t want to keep releasing too many constant patches, this will get rolled into my rebalancing one, unless that looks like taking days and days in which case yes, I’ll do a mini-patch.

Damn and here I thought this was an (awesome) feature.